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The Easy Pose

The Easy Pose is a relaxation pose and is normally practiced after the Corpse Pose.

Also known under the name of Sukhasana, the Easy Pose is great for meditation. You only have to sit down on the floor or your yoga mat, bend your knees, clasp your arms around them and press them until they reach your chest and your spine straightens. Then, release your arms and place your legs in a crossing position, letting your knees fall down to the floor. Place your hands on your knees with your palms faced up.

It is important to keep your head up and the position of your spine as straight as possible. Just as with most of the yoga poses, breathing is important in the Easy Pose as well -- so make sure you fill your lungs with air and hold it as long as it is comfortable. It is advisable to always breathe through your nose. While in the Easy Pose, relax your face, your jaws and your belly.

Great for any age group and for frequent practice, the Easy Pose is, however, to be avoided after a chronic or recent knee injury or inflammation, as it might bring you discomfort. In order to add to your comfort level you can place a folded blanket either under your knees or under your hipbones.

This pose is highly recommended for meditation, as it is not difficult to perform and it promotes inner calm and relaxation.