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The Cobra Pose

When performing the Cobra Pose, the head and the trunk arch up gracefully. The spine stretches powerfully and the abdominal organs, together with the surrounding musculature receive a thorough massage. This pose is extremely recommended for pain and constipation relief, as well as for treating menstrual irregularities.

In order to proceed with the exercise, keep your shoulders down and your face relaxed, with your elbows tucked into your body. Then lie down with your legs together. It is recommended to place your hand palms under your shoulders and rest your forehead on the floor.

While inhaling, slowly move your head upwards, brushing first your nose and then your chin against the floor. Then, you need to lift your hands and make use of your back muscles to raise your chest as high as possible. After holding your breath for a few moments, exhale, slowly returning to the initial position.

While inhaling, gradually return to the previous position, only this time it is recommended to use your hands to push the trunk up. Push your body upwards until you are bending from the middle of your spine. Try to hold in that position for as long as two or three breaths and then exhaling, slowly come down.

Raise the trunk as before, inhaling deeply. However, try this time to bend your back until you feel it bending from the neck to the base of your spine. Hold the position for as long as you feel comfortable. Breathing normally, slowly return down to the initial position and relax.

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