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Why Certain Yoga Poses Require Lots Of Will Power

The key of all yoga practices consists in the performance of yoga poses or asanas that open the door to plenty of metal and spiritual benefits. Many people feel overwhelmed by the multitude of yoga poses, particularly when getting a look at the many exercises explained online; yet, do not feel discouraged since yoga is actually a life long pursuit and challenges in the difficulty of poses are likely to appear on a regular basis. The thing is to stick to those asanas that are specific to your level of learning: start with simple yoga poses for beginners in order to gain confidence and get used to what this ancient practice is like.

Certain yoga poses require lots of will power and perseverance as well as daily practice, since they address not only the body but the mind too. Even if you took up yoga as a means of improving your health, you'll soon realize that the connection it establishes between the immediate reality and the deep inner self cannot be neglected or ignored. From this perspective, yoga poses will teach you how to increase resistance and develop a level of mental awareness that was unknown to you before performing the exercises.

Every session consists of several types of yoga poses depending on the yoga style you practice; yet there are common body postures that are meant to give you the mental and physical state for the performance of the more complex exercises. These are the warm-up poses that prepare the eyes, the neck, the limbs and the torso for the challenges of the real asanas. To put it in other words, warm-up yoga poses are a good training for all the body muscles, they help one stay fit and in a great health condition. Sometimes, many people choose to practice them separately from a yoga session, as a mere way of training the body.

How can yoga poses help to the improvement of the health condition? If you know what it is like to feel all your back, neck and shoulders stiffen with tension or bad postures, then you'll definitely feel the difference after a relaxing yoga session. The main benefits of the training are immediately noticeable in the condition of the spine, the position of the head and the overall health state. The safest way to pass from one level of difficulty to another is to have a teacher or a master to guide you along the way; failure to do so may seriously affect the correctness of the asanas and may expose you to injuries.
Written By:-Muna wa Wanjiru
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